We may love them or we may hate them but we can never live without them. Yes, we are talking about the city buses, metro and local trains that carry millions of us every day in our cities and towns. They may be crowded, they may not always be on time - but they are the life line for our cities. Even when there is no taxi or auto near by, chances are we will find a bus or a metro and that too at a fraction of the cost it takes to travel in auto or taxi. But it is not always a great experience finding out which bus/train to take, where to take it from, what time it is, does it have a seat etc. Is it? All of that is going to change.

Introducing YoRide Public Transport

YoRide brings you real-time bus & metro information. Simply set your destination and tap GO. YoRide provides you all the bus, metro, local train options available for you based on real time location information.

With YoRide you can:

  • Get route numbers, timings and map. ex. BMTC bus routes and timings, Metro map and timings, Local train map and timings, BMTC Vayu Vajra / Airport bus timings, BMTC Volvo AC bus timings
  • Get real-time arrival (ETA) information of buses and trains
  • See the occupancy of the buses i.e. seats available or not
  • Book an auto or a bike taxi for last-mile and first mile connectivity while still in the bus
  • Set alerts, so that you can be notified about the upcoming buses or trains
  • Check-in to the bus/train to get alerted when you are nearing your destination
  • Get step-by-step navigation to your destination
  • Get bus stops, metro station, train station locations
  • Sort and filter the results by time, by cost, by AC vs non-AC services etc
  • Get both direct options (one bus/train to destination) as well as with-changeover options (change one or more bus/train)
  • Get information that is more complete and accurate than BMTC app


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