When all you need is a simple drop to your destination, opt for Point To Point taxis. YoRide will give you the real-time ETA and estimated fare for all the call taxis available near you. This includes: 

  • Uber Taxi
  • Ola Taxi
  • Mega Cabs
  • FastTrack Taxi
  • Yoride Network Taxi Operators

Note that, when you book a taxi in YoRide, the corresponding taxi operator prices apply. So if you book an Ola, Ola Cabs rates apply. If you book a Mega Cabs taxi, Mega Cabs rates apply.


Shared Taxis

Check out the Shared Taxi options when you are booking a Point To Point taxi in YoRide. You can save as much as 50% by booking a shared taxi. Note that Shared Taxi option is currently available only from YoRide Network Taxis. You can not book an Ola Share or an Uber Pool currently through YoRide. However we are working with our partners to bring these options as well to YoRide very soon.


Ride Later Taxis

With YoRide, you can book a taxi for any time on current day or next day. So you can always make an advance booking for that important meeting or travel and be assured of a taxi. Ride Later Taxis (any booking beyond 1 hour from current time) are serviced through YoRide Network Taxis. We are working to bring Ride Later options from other call taxis like Ola and Mega Cabs to YoRide.