YoRide - Your Partner in Travelling Safe

The week is in its full-fledged glory and I hope you guys are sailing through it just fine.

In case you belong to the category of your fellow work-laden Bangaloreans, you may have a busy and hectic schedule in your hand. Fret not, Bangalore weather seems to be tuning into its old self-after a series of consistent heat strokes.

Good weather or not, you need to buckle up and get going with your work each day. Like the majority of us, if you also depend on the incessant availability of cabs to reach your destination, then you would be very familiar with the challenges that come into play during your travels.

Safety can be a roadblock in your travel and no place seems to escape from it. This demands one to be mentally present when at work or travelling all times. As cabs are the most commonly used factors for public transportation, it is important for all of us to know how we can be alert and safe using easy tricks to let the driver realize his responsibilities towards you.

Here, are some simple techniques suggested by YoRide for your safe travel.

1. Before you enter your cab, make sure that you take a picture of the car's range plate and the driver (if possible) and send it to a friend or a relative. Also call them to inform them of your location and your cab details. Do this in the presence of the driver and ensure that he hears the same.

This will warn the driver to be on his guard. He will be forced to behave and ensure that you reach safely to your destination.

2. Opt only for those cabs that are authenticated and have certification so that you can be assured that the cabs drivers are safe to travel with. Unfortunately, in several cities, you will be contacted by endless unofficial taxi services once you’re attempting to book a cab. Be cautious not to get into any cab that is not registered.

Apart from being a way to make quick money, it can also be a something worse than what you can imagine.

Smart ways to travel in Bangalore

3. Check if anyone else is occupying the cab before boarding.

It can be very dangerous to accommodate unknown individuals within the cab, as the possibility of predicting the intentions of the person are slim to none. Hence, if you find yourself in this situation, you need to ask the driver to have the person removed from the cab. In case he refuses after repeated requests, it’s smart to cancel that ride.

4. Carry a Cell phone. Carrying a phone is important for both safety and convenience. Having a phone handy is very important as it becomes easy to contact your friends in case you need any help. Also, with text messaging and location tracking, it is easier to update your loved ones of your whereabouts.

Keeping all these safety requisites in picture, YoRide provides you with a safe option to travel within the city. With certified services under its umbrella, you will not face any safety hassles with the service.

Access the app, enter the location and find cabs ready for your travel. YoRide also provides you with hourly packages. Pre bookings are available in case you want to sure about boarding a cab at the right time. YoRide works diligently on customer safety and satisfaction.

Ride carefree, ride safe, ride with YoRide.