What will you do if you have extra 30 minutes in a day?


Time is too precious to be spent waiting at the bus stops and train stations. That is why YoRide gives you real-time city bus and metro timings - so that you can be there at the bus stop just in time and spend a little more time doing your favourite things.

While we were building YoRide we asked many people, what is the biggest issue in taking a city bus or train. The biggest issue by far is the unpredictable timings; we don't really know when the next bus is going to come. We can't really blame the city buses. With the kind of traffic we have in our cities, we can not really expect the buses to be on time. So what is the net result - we end up going to the bus stop and wait there endlessly. Studies say that, we who use public transport for daily commute spend on average 30 to 40 minutes in a day just waiting at the bus stops or train stations. What an epic waste of time? Won't it be nice if you can get those 30 odd minutes back?

Now you can. YoRide gives you real-time city bus and metro timings. Next time you use YoRide, look for the buses with a green dot - these are buses with real-time arrival timings. These buses will come in exactly at he time shown in the app. So you can plan your commute and be at the bus stop just in time. There you go; no more waiting at the bus stops.

You may ask, how do we know the location of buses to tell you the exact arrival times. We know it because you tell us. That is right. Next time you use YoRide, tap on a result and go to the details screen. Look for 'Check In' button. When you get into a bus, just tap on this button and 'Check In' to the bus. When you do this you are giving the location and even occupancy of the buses to the app, which is used to predict the arrival times and show it to users that come after you. And for being such a nice person, you earn reward points. Every time you Check In, you get 5 reward points, which you can redeem for free data packs right from the app itself. Think of it as a small gift for helping others.

So now that you know how to get back your 30 minutes every day, what are you going to do with that time? :) 

Note: The city bus & metro timings feature is currently available only in Bangalore. It shows both BMTC buses and Namma Metro trains.