RYDER is now YoRide

Some of you know us as Ryder. We launched Ryder app a few months back with a vision to create a one-stop transportation app. The initial version of the app helped you to quickly compare fares & ETA across multiple call taxi apps like Uber, Ola, Meru and TaxiForSure and then let you book those taxis by re-directing you to the corresponding apps.

Ryder has come a long way since then and along the way the name changed from Ryder to YoRide. In case you are wondering, change in the name is in fact the smallest of the changes we went through.

  • For starters, we redesigned the app completely from the ground up. Now it has a clean, polished & loveable interface  
  • We worked with our partners to enable booking of taxis without ever leaving the app. So you now can not only compare fares & ETA across call taxis, but can also book those taxis without ever leaving YoRide
  • We created new categories, like Hourly Taxi Packages. We found that some of you like to keep the taxi for a few hours and this option is not available from any of the existing call taxi apps. So we added this option ourselves to YoRide
  • We launched an iOS app. So the best taxi app out there is now available for iOS too :)
  • We redesigned our website and added a cute explainer video

But there is one thing that has not changed. And that is our commitment to create a one-stop transportation app and provide you the best travel experience. So you will in fact see lot more changes and additions to our product in the weeks to come.

Have a great ride!