Make Summer a Dramatic Affair

Bangalore is a beautiful city, rich with culture, art, music and literature.

If you are a fan of any of these artistic ventures or have a completely different set of interests, you are bound to find something in the city that will cater to your passion.

Today, we focus on Theatre!

From the famed Rangashankara to the Rangoli Metro Art Centre, you have multiple destinations where you can enjoy a good piece of live literature.

Brilliant artists with a flair for acting, great scripts and soulful performances will take you back to these places time and again.

If you haven’t already immersed yourself in the theatricals of the city, here is your perfect opportunity. Check out the list of places where you can savor a good play and book your seats right away. You will not be disappointed.



Built in the memory of the visionary of Sandalwood movies, Mr. Shankarnag, this art theatre located in JP Nagar, hosts a plethora of plays on a regular basis. They range from artsy hakesperean compositions to a refreshing regional presentation. If you are a fan of either or more, do fix a weekend to visit this place.

Rangoli Metro Art Centre


This place is nested right next to the MG road metro station and is hard to miss. The place has attracted multiple art lovers for the brilliant performances that transpire here. Bold and beautiful, this is the place to be if you need a touch of heart-numbing performances.

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Atta Galatta


A bookstore with its own charm, Atta Galatta also seen stellar plays executed by perfectionists and attended by like-minded art lovers. Take a ride to Koramangala to witness one such event in the near future, without fail.

Alliance Franchaise


Take time out to immerse yourself in the diverse plays that unfold at this avenue. Located in Vasanth Nagar, it is the ideal place to unwind after a long week.

Chowdiah Memorial Hall

This place has been attracting theatre enthusiasts for a long time now. The nature of the plays and the kind of performances are worth the every penny that you shell out of your pocket.

These are some of the places that top our list; there are many more that can interest your theatrical mind. This summer pick out the best play from the lot and enjoy a good hour or two of quality DRAMA!

Now that you have an idea on where to go this summer, the next big issue is how to get there? We all know Bangalore traffic is going to ruin your day. Never worry, we are always here to help.  YoRide - Your Partner in Travelling Safe