Delhiites, even out the odds with these pro-tips.

Image courtesy: Huffington Post

Image courtesy: Huffington Post

The second phase of the widely spoken about Odd-Even Scheme has hit the city of Delhi again. While the promoters of the scheme claim that it is in the best interest of the city, not everyone is thrilled. The alternative days of motor freedom does not appeal to all Delhiites because of the sheer inconvenience involved.

It is not an easy task to completely break out of your travel routine and keep switching in between convenience and inconvenience day after day. While the scheme was chalked out with good intention, it is important to understand that, when the way of commute of thousands of people comes to a halt, they will be subjected to undeniable hassles. 

Since the inception of the odd-even scheme, people have spent exorbitant amounts of money to travel short distances. With auto-rickshaws utilizing the moment to make a quick buck and the availability of cabs at the peak time dwindling by the second, the commuters are forced to succumb to the atrocious prices they are demanded by the autos. Under such circumstances the city could use an easy option for travel.

However, you’re in Delhi, hence you should be familiar with the concept of ‘Jugaad’, for Delhi has no dearth of options. Get creative, utilize your city’s myriad transport options and even out the odds! 

Car-pool is the new cool. Find out if you have colleagues or people in your apartment, travelling the same route. You can catch a ride with them. Return the favor when your turn comes. You also get to contribute to the planet.

Delhi Metro has the best connected lines; you can easily cover your distances with the metro. Be ready for the sudden influx of people though. Also, if you haven’t yet stepped on a DTC bus yet, it may be time to try it out.

Bike taxis are the ultimate remedies for your short distance needs. Rapido should be able to get you on a two wheeler. 

If you are looking for the same comfort that your car gave you, you can try out the number of cab services that are already familiar to you. We always depend on our Ola’s, Uber’s and Megacabs, among others, to help us reach our destinations. 

Be warned though, these may turn out to be expensive choices. Peak times and surge prices don’t make this any easier. Fares usually tend to vary across apps and scouting for the best can be another hassle. Cab availability may also be scant during peak hours. You can use YoRide to compare fares and availability across all taxis. Check out the fares of all the cabs available close to you and pick the one that suits your needs.

Odd-even can be an adventure, if you’re up for it!