Connecting Every Corner of Bangalore to the Airport

Ask any Bangalorean of the challenges of travelling to and from the airport and you will be greeted with an involuntary grumble about the distance, time, inconvenience and lack of travel options in getting to the airport. With Bangalore stretching over 740 square kilometers and the distance to the airport being a big constraint from a majority of places within the city, Bangaloreans are often left with painful instances and stories of reaching the airport, sometimes just in time and sometimes too late to catch their flights. The same goes for people flying into the city who are often left with limited choices to get to the city.

With distances touching north of 80kms from the furthest corners of the city, airport travel is a feat to be achieved given the current scenario in Bangalore.

Traffic is the greatest vice in Bangalore. Predicting your travel time is not easy and hence, it is in your best interest to give yourself some extra time to reach the airport. Better early than late! That way you would have ample time before you board your flight. And Bangalore Airport (both the Domestic & International Departures) does have enough options for shopping and dining – so you won’t have any problem killing time.

Research all the options available to get to the airport, before you choose the one that suits the best to your purpose. Here are a few options that you can keep in mind.

1. Board a BMTC

BMTC has a fleet of Volvo AC buses to the airport that are comfortable and are easy on your pocket. The tickets can cost something in between 170 to 250 depending on your boarding point. If you are light on luggage, this is a good option for you.

2. Book a taxi from one of the many all taxis available. Some taxi operators offer flat fares to airport – they tend to be offer cheaper fares than those that charge completely based on distance. However, these are usually set only for a specific distance. For example - Ola has a flat rate of Rs. 499 to the airport – but that fare is applicable only for up to 30 KMs. Wherever you are in the city, chances are your commute to the airport will be longer than 30 KMs. So figure out the fare considering your distance to the airport. Mega Cabs also has flat rate, which covers 40 KMs distance, and is quite often cheaper than Uber and Ola.

Getting to the city from the airport is another ball game in the world of cab services.

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1. The simplest of course is to join the Airport taxi queue. The queue is right outside the Arrivals gate. However, at Rs.19.50 per Kilometer, it is not cheap. Also, depending on when you landed, there could be a long queue as well. So be ready to stand in the queue for some time.

2. Book a cab on an app. Check out Ola, Uber, Mega Cabs etc and check if you find better, cheaper options. There is a separate pickup point for these taxis. Look for the directions to that pickup point if you booked a taxi through the apps.

3. Then there are the AC Volvo buses. If you want a few hundred meters from the Arrivals gate, you will be in the BMTC bus stand where you will be greeted by Volvos ready to take you to the city. These will take you to the city in comfort at accost much lower than taxi fares. Board the bus that follows the route that will take you to your destination. The buses start from Airport itself – so most often you will get a seat. You may have to wait for a few minutes and also walk a bit when you get down from the bus, but that is a small cost to pay for the money you would save.

And of course, try out YoRide. YoRide helps you check the availability and compare fares across all the taxi options to/from the airport. Book the one that works best for you and travel in comfort and reach on time.