Beat the Hike

As usual, the weekend just flew by!

You had the perfect plan and the perfect destination. It was right on track until you took your phone out to book a cab. The surge price hit you with the reality of the cab booking scenario in the city. The disappointment about the increasing rates and wrath for the lack of options begins to get to you, and your perfect weekend becomes a little less than perfect.

It goes without saying that, a major group of people spent their weekend lamenting about the unreasonable hikes and surges of the cab services.

Taxi services usually take advantage of the weekend rush and

surge up the prices, making it difficult for a whole lot of us to venture out and enjoy the weekend. Just when the traffic is at its worst, taxi services add to the woes through their surge / peak-time prices.

Most commercial cab services are in the same loop of surges causing the passengers inconvenience on a daily basis. People dependent on cabs for their commute get severely affected by the hike. There are only so many times you can accept the surge and pay the additional amount.

The solution?! Keep track of all the cab services.

While Ola and Uber may be household names when it comes to cab services, there are many that are not in the big picture but are still doing a great job. Why not add them to your list?

YoRide has conceptualized and put to application this exact idea. The app lists all the cabs available in the vicinity, complete with the rates and prices at the given time. It even considers surge price, ride time charge, base fare and other fine print to tell you how much the trip is going to cost you with various cab services. So now, instead of scouting through different apps and sites, you have a one-stop solution to your surge dilemma.

Book the option that is best for you and enjoy the ride. This week, do not sign up for anything less than a perfect weekend.

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