Taxi fare comparison app for smart riders!

You don’t buy a smartphone without comparing its price with others? Now, do you know that, you spend more on city buses and taxi within a few months than you would spend on a smartphone? So why will you book a taxi without comparing its fare to other taxis? It does not make sense to book a taxi without first comparing the fares, does it?

How much does taking an Uber to your desired location cost you? How much does taking an Ola to the same location cost you? What if you take a bike taxi or even public transport, will it be cheaper and easier? All these are the questions you have to ask yourself every time you want to travel somewhere. But it is easier said than done. You may be booking a taxi almost every day and sometimes more than once a day. So trying multiple taxi apps to compare fares and even availability, each time you are booking a taxi is quite inconvenient. So is there a solution to all this?

Yes, there is an easy solution to all these problems. Taxi Price Comparison and Booking apps. Taxi price comparison and booking apps allow you to compare prices of different taxi services and cabs to the same location in the easiest possible way. These apps also allow you to book any taxi from all of the service providers from a single app. No more app fatigue, no more need to use many apps like Ola, Uber, Meru etc to compare fares and to book taxis.

Now the next question is which app to download for taxi price comparison and booking. There are a few apps doing the same comparison and booking but provided by different companies. All the apps offer the same promise, they compare prices for you and book a taxi for you. But the choice of taxis available, the ease of use and the offers available make YoRide the best choice among all taxi comparison apps.

What makes YoRider stand a step ahead of all the others in the competition? Here are  a few reasons:

  • Fastest: With YoRider you can compare and book the cheapest taxi in less than 30 seconds. So in the time you can cook a Maggi, you can book four taxis in YoRide :) Don’t believe us? Check this video.
  • Easiest: Using YoRide is easier than any other taxi booking app. Open the app, set your destination and tap GO. You will be see the list of cabs available near you along with the price each of them will charge you. Just click your selection and its all done. The cab gets booked in no time and will reach your current location in no time.
  • Widest choice: In YoRide, you get the maximum choices: Uber, Ola, Mega Cabs, Jugnoo Autos and more. Soon enough you will even have bike taxis, city buses and metro. That itself should seal the deal.
  • Book more than one taxi at a time: Ever wanted to book one taxi for your wife or mother and one for yourself and found that, it was not possible in your taxi booking app? You can book any number of taxis at the same time in YoRide. A taxi for your mother, one for your wife and one for yourself - no problem, you can do that in YoRide and you can even book them all from the same taxi operator like Ola.
  • Coupons and Contests: Experience a whole new range of unique coupons in YoRide. The coupons you get in YoRide are only available to YoRide customers and cannot be used on any other apps. Right now, you can apply code YO20 and get Rs. 20 OFF Ola booking when you book in YoRide. YoRide also conducts a variety of contests. It's your chance to win amazing prizes and free rides.
  • No more app fatigue: With YoRide, except for Uber and Ola, you don't even need to have an account in the corresponding app to book a taxi. For example, to book a taxi from Mega Cabs or to book an Auto from Jugnoo, you don't need even need to register in those apps. Simply book them from YoRide. You no longer have to download multiple apps for booking different taxis. Save space in your phone - just use YoRide, all in one app for booking any taxi after comparing the price and availability.
  • Surge Pricing: Escape the surge price by using YoRide. We show the surge price that each taxi provider will charge you at that moment. Pick the one with the lowest surge price and enjoy your ride cheaper than everyone else.

Download the YoRide App and enjoy all these benefits today.

Click here to download YoRide.