Smart ways to travel in Bangalore

Bangalore is where India is headed. Being  the fifth largest city in India and said to be the fastest growing city in entire Asia, Bangalore is where in fact the world is heading. With the abundance of high-tech buildings, amazing architecture, renowned history and high standard educational institutions, Bangalore is rated as the number one city to live in India according to the official survey of Times Of India. The capital of Karnataka, also known as Bengaluru is the technological hub of India and it´s where the country’s new, confident and global identity is being forged. Every other tech giant and budding startups make it the ideal place for building a career.


That the once sluggish territorial capital is today the top rated city in India, will come as a major astonishment to the individuals who are visiting it for the first time. As wealthier Indians rush to live here, Bangalore has turned into a cosmopolitan city with an energetic bistro and bar society. The city may lack historically important destinations yet it compensate it with its humming, casual and liberal environment and a landscape. This makes Bangalore a flawless base for exploring the wonderful sanctuaries and luxurious royal residences of the Deccan.


The amazing weather with bearable summer and not too cold winter, a variety of food and culture and infinite opportunities attract masses to Bangalore. The best-in-the-country nightlife and malls add to it. The fact that people in Bangalore are not divided by language ( you can live here without knowing the local language, Kannada) is just a fact that keeps it a foot ahead of other cities in India.


Every year Bangalore attracts a huge number of people from other states in India and other countries to migrate and stay in India. As per official records about 12.7% increase in job opportunities on a yearly basis is the highest in any Asian country. The education facility in Bangalore is of the best standards and the fact that most of the universities are of international standards make students, undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates to migrate to Bangalore in the hope of a higher quality education.


Bangalore also recently got named as the startup capital of the country. With 32% startups of the country situated in Bangalore that alone increases the job opportunities. World class health facilities available lets the migrants stay in Bangalore without any fear. The public transport of Bangalore is the best planned, executed and managed. It has the highest number of Volvo buses operated by a public transport company in India.These are just a few reason why Bangalore is one of the best cities to stay in India and why it attracts the masses.


But there are a few things that do keep people away from Bangalore as well. There are a few problems that are faced on a daily basis by every individual staying in Bangalore.


One of the biggest complaints of Bangaloreans is the painful traffic. Bangalore city is one of the worst places for travelling. Be it going for a long drive or travelling to your college, school or office every day, you have no other option than going through the traffic  jams and slow moving, most of the time never moving traffic. According to a Times of India report of 2015 Bangalore is the sixth worst city to commute in the world, and second worst in Asia.

The main reasons for this black mark in Bangalore face is:

  • Increasing number of vehicles. With the high number of people migrating to Bangalore every year, the number of vehicles and the amount of crowd on the road also increases. The state infrastructure and transport facility were not planned to account for such a big increase in population over a short period of time.

  • Infrastructure lagging behind. In the words of T V Mohandas Pai, a former Infosys director who now heads a state initiative to boost the technology industry "You have to create infrastructure ahead of the need, Bangalore is possibly 15 years behind because we don't have proper planning."

  • New buildings. Buildings worth $19 billion is built every year in Bangalore, most of these new buildings come beside the six-lane highways of the city. It simply means that at any given point of time about 47% of six lane highways are blocked due to the construction of new buildings says the infrastructure wing of Bangalore Traffic Police. It makes the available infrastructure also not worthy to be used.

  • Lack of parking spaces. "If I could wish for one thing in Bangalore it would be that it was easier to get around during the day or find a parking space," says John Flannery, chief executive officer of General Electric Co's India unit. Every year Bangalore police records above 8 lakhs penalty issued for illegal parking in the city alone. That is 66,000 per month. In Bangalore, wrong parking occurs due to lack of parking space and it takes almost 20 to 35 minutes to find parking space in the central business district comprising MG Road, Brigade Road, Kamaraj Road, Commercial Street and Residency Road  quoted Lowell Paddock, India head for General Motors Co..

  • Wrong parking. Wrong parking is a direct consequence of waiting to find a slot. Typically around Church Street, wrong parking occurs in spaces marked no-parking. With the street fully occupied, the beginning of Rest House Road sometimes sees cars parked in no-parking slots. There are cases of double parking too with cars parked side by side on Church Street. Cars are also parked in front of houses on Rest House Road. MG Road has cases of double parking on the stretch between Trinity Circle and Prestige Towers.

  • High commuting cost. Bangalore is the city with highest commutation and transportation cost in India. The public transport system of Bangalore is higher priced than commuting in your own vehicle. If you plan to take an auto rickshaw or cab get ready for your pocket to be ripped off by the auto rickshaw driver or cab guy.


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With all these problems faced by Bangaloreans in commuting it calls for the perfect time to have a solution on how to commute smart in Bangalore. It is time to find out some ways to commute easily across Bangalore with lower cost, faster, easier, safer and without any stress of driving carefully along the painful traffic or finding a parking slot to park your vehicle.


The best option available to remove all the problems together is booking a taxi cab. Over the past few years, some people in Bangalore have started to rely completely on taxi cabs for commuting. The increase in number of taxicab services in Bangalore alone can prove the fact that Bangaloreans actually believe that travelling on a taxi cab can bring down all these problems to nothing.

Commuting on a booked taxi rather than driving your own vehicle to your destination have so many benefits if you are a daily commuter. The major differences in driving your own car and using a pre booked taxi to commute are given below:

  • No stress of driving

                 The major benefit of commuting on a prebooked taxi is you don't have to worry about driving through the traffic. Driving through Bangalore traffic can be really stressful. You can never say from where another vehicle can come carelessly and create a really bad dent on your car. The traffic in Bangalore never tends to move. Like a stubborn child the traffic takes a long time to start moving again once it meets a traffic jam of traffic signal. When you are travelling on a taxi cab all you have to do is sit inside the cab with the AC on and relax peacefully or do your work as the driver takes you along the traffic to the desired location.

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  • Saves time

                Taxi cabs can save you hella lot of time. Compared to driving your own vehicle, while using a taxi  you don't have to worry about taking the vehicle out to traffic, or when you reach your destination you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for a proper parking space and at the end do your level best, push your limits and somehow make the car get into the parking spot without any dents or scratches on it.

               All you have to do is just get out from your house, book a preferred pickup location and book a taxi. The driver will come to your location and pick you up from there. And when you reach your location you don't have to spend time finding a parking space, the driver will drop you there and leave. You can always book a taxi when you want to reach back to your home from the dropped location and another taxi will arrive in no time.

  • Can be shared

             Another amazing part of a taxi is, if you think the price of the taxi is pretty high and cannot be afforded, there is always an option to share your taxi with some other person. You don't even have to worry about finding people to share or take time do the math and split the money equally. While booking the taxi just select for shared taxi and everything else happens automatically. The amount you will have to pay is only the split amount of all the passengers travelled.

  • No maintenance

          The biggest fear of any person while driving his own car to office will be the high maintenance cost of the vehicle on the Bangalore roads. No matter how careful you are at the end of the day when you reach back home on your own vehicle after work the number of dents, scratches or dirt on your car will be unimaginable. When using a taxi you don't have to worry about any of this. It's all to worry for the taxi service provider. Peace of mind again.

  • Cheap

           A taxi can always be cheaper than any other method of transport in Bangalore. In Bangalore, the price of hiring a taxi doesn't make much difference than using a public transport. And if you are if you plan to take an auto rickshaw, you will find lot of ties it is more expensive than a taxi.

So taxi is always a cheaper option

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  • Faster

         Understanding the common fact that taxi drivers are equipped with higher level of skills to get the vehicle through heavy traffic within no time and are well knowledgeable about the shortcuts and bi lanes the chances that you will reach faster than any other means of commuting is guaranteed.


As mentioned above booking a taxi gives you all these benefits in the traffic than driving your own car. Now, when everyone in the city is using taxi there should be more benefits that you enjoy than the others. For that, you will have to know how to pick a taxi in a smarter way.

While booking a taxi if you act smarter than the other folks you are sure to save much more time and money than the others. Here are some points to keep in mind while booking a taxi.

  • Book a taxi in advance

              When you book in advance, you are able to save 20% to 30% on the amount. In some cases, the savings can be as high as 50%. On the other hand, an on the spot hire can prove to be a costly affair, especially if you are travelling in a group.When booking online in advance, you will also be able to take advantage of special deals and offers. This is something that you cannot expect when hiring a taxi right away. If you are in a large group, you could be offered special rates. So you can save more when booking a taxi in advance.

              Another benefit of booking in advance is that you are able to choose from a wider option of vehicles. Depending on your group size and your kind needs, you could select a van, a sedan or a luxury vehicle before others book them. On the other hand, if you are picking a taxi on the spot, you don’t have much of an option but to go with what is available.When you hire a taxi service in advance, you save a lot of time and energy. There is no need to wait for a taxi. Rather the vehicle will be waiting for you. It will also eliminate all the hassles. It will be one less thing to worry about for your itinerary. You will just have to present yourself and the chauffeur will be waiting for you. There will be no need to wait in line and deal with other rude customers who are eager to jump the line.

  • Share taxi

            Taxi sharing is always a better option to reduce the price of commuting. If you are planning to travel somewhere search for a share taxi than a normal taxi. In a share taxi, people who are going to the same place are transported in a shared taxi that is going to the location. This way each person will have to pay only the split amount.

            You won't have  to find people to share a taxi with you and then decide how much amount to be split and later on split the amount after travel. Just book a share taxi and everything else happens automatically. The taxi service provider will find people who are travelling to the same location and transport you all in a shared taxi. The amount you will have to pay is only the total amount split by all the passengers. It is easy same way as booking the normal taxi.

  • Bike taxi

            Bike taxi is all about mobility. Bikes can take you faster to your destination than a car. The greatest benefits come in a city like Bangalore with heavily congested traffic. Bike taxi drivers can take you through this painful traffic in no time. If you are out of time or in an urgent run bike taxi is your best option.

           Usually, bike taxi drivers so expert drivers that they can take you to the desired location in half the time anyone else takes and that too safely. Bike taxi is about 60% cheaper than taxi cabs. The availability is also higher than the taxi cabs.

          The prices of different taxi providers may differ. Sometimes you might have noticed that when you travel from one location to another on two different taxi cabs of different taxi service providers the amount was different though the distance was same. This is because different taxi service providers have different pricing strategies. Some companies follow the strategy of comparatively higher fares on long trips and some follow comparatively high fares on short trips.

          Therefore it is always advised to compare taxi prices to your destination across different taxi service providers before booking a taxi. By comparing the prices alone you can save a pretty good amount of money.

  • Surge price

            Fares of taxis surge when the demand exceeds the supply. This means, the number of people requesting for cabs is more than the number of cabs available in the city. The surge happens on the base fare fixed by cab aggregators. Surge prices can always be a trouble to commuters. To escape from surge prices compare the surge prices before booking a taxi.

            If you have no other option than paying the surge price, that is, all the taxi available is charging a surge at the given point of time walk a few steps away from the current location and then try again. Surge price is usually high in front of malls and other places where people gather. So if you in front of a mall or some place like that where people gather move a few meters away from the place and book a cab again. The surge would be gone.

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