Taxi for all times.


Whatever your need be - a simple drop to your office, a taxi that you can keep for a few hours, an airport drop - YoRide has you covered.


How to YoRide?

1. Set destination

2. compare & Book

3. ride

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With YoRide, you can always book what you want:


When you simply need a drop to some place, opt for POINT TO POINT taxis. You can compare and book a taxi from Uber, Ola, Mega Cabs, Fasttrack and others. You can also book a shared taxi from YoRide Network taxis.


Hourly Packages


When you want to keep the taxi with you for a few hours, pick HOURLY PACKAGE. You will have the convenience & assurance of a taxi at your disposal.

Airport Taxi


Yoride offers cheapest fares to and from Airport to City through YoRide Network taxis. Simply select Airport as the To or From when you book a taxi.  


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